Geolocation Form Fields

  • 6 geolocation buttons added to the form editor.
  • It can be easily added and placed anywhere on the form; just like any other Gravity Form fields.
  • Add unlimited geolocation fields to any of your forms.
  • Sync between the geolocation fields for the best user experience and easy geotagging.

Address Field​

  • Allow visitors to enter an address that will be geocoded and return complete geolocation data.
  • Enable Google Places address autocomplete to present the visitor with live suggested results while typing an address.
  • Display the auto-locator button inside the address field that will allow the visitor to automatically retrieve his current position.
  • Sync with the Google Map field to dynamically position the marker on the map based on the address entered.

Coordinates Field

  • Present the visitor with latitude and Longitude input fields to allow him to enter his exact position.
  • Geocode the coordinates entered to return a complete geolocation data.
  • Sync with the Google Map field to dynamically position the marker on the map based on the coordinates entered.
  • Sync with the address field to dynamically fill in the returned address.

Auto-Locator Button

  • Display auto-locator buttons anywhere in the form to allow the visitor to easily get his current position.
  • Once clicked, the plugin will dynamically try to retrieve the visitor’s current position. If found, the location will be geocoded and return a complete geolocation data.
  • Sync with the Google Map field to dynamically position the marker on the map based on the current location.
  • Sync with the address and coordinates fields to dynamically populate them with the returned geolocation data.

Google Map Field

  • Present the visitors of your site with Google Maps where they can easily drag & drop the marker on the desired location.
  • Set the map typewidth, and height, default coordinates, URL of a custom maker, and more.
  • Sync with the address and coordinates fields to dynamically populate them with the returned geolocation data.
  • Dynamically set the position on the map when manually entering an address or coordinates or when the visitor’s current position is found via the auto-locator.
  • Unlimited maps can be added to any of your forms.

Geocoder Field

  • The Geocoder field is a powerful field that does all the geocoding “behind the scenes”.
  • Makes syncing between the different geolocation fields possible.
  • Returns complete geolocation data that can be viewed in form entries, sent via emails, and more.

Routes & Directions

  • Calculate and display the directions between 2 locations in your Gravity Forms directly. No need for an external link to Google Map.
  • Display the route between the 2 locations on the Google Map field.

Distance & Duration Calculation

Calculate the distance & duration between 2 locations and populate the values in your forms. This can be very useful for calculating the cost based on the driving distance.

Dynamic Location Field

  • Dynamically populate text fields, hidden fields, checkboxes, select dropdowns, and more, with any of the geolocation fields value when geocoding takes place.
  • It can be synced with any of the geolocation fields.
  • It can be used to save the geocoded information into custom fields ( when creating a post ) or to user meta ( when registering a user ).

GEO my WP Compatibility

Sync posts and users’ locations with GEO my WP plugin. This way posts and users created or updated using Gravity Forms will be searchable via GEO my WP’s search forms. With GEO my WP plugin you will be able to create advanced proximity search forms, mashup maps, and more.

Other Plugin Compatibility

Gravity Forms User Registration add-on
Advanced Post Creation Add-on
Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types

Check out the demo pages to see all the geolocation features in action