• This demo form includes an Address field, auto-locator button, Google map, and Coordinates field. It also includes the form load auto-locator, which tries to dynamically detect the visitor’s current position on page load.

    The form also includes the different geolocation fields which are being dynamically populated using the Dynamic Location Field feature each time geocoding takes place.

    An email field is also included. You can enter an email address if you’d like to receive a notification email with the geolocation data after form submission. This is optional, and the email you provide will be used for the form notification only.

  • Enter an email address if you would like to receive an emailed notification with the geolocation data on form submission. Your email address will be used for this purpose only.
  • Enter Location

  • Type an address to see live suggested results.
  • Click to retrieve your location automatically.
  • Drag & Drop the marker to the desired position on the map.
  • Enter both latitude and longitude of a location.
  • Hidden
  • Dynamic Fields

    Dynamic fields are being populated with geolocation data each time a geocoding takes place.